The educator delivers experiences that leverage technology to enhance learning for students.


The educator creates a culture that encourages learning, reflection, and growth.

EMERGING – Engages in the effective and safe use of technology to improve teaching and learning in the classroom, uses positive language when discussing learning technology.

EXPECTED – Encourages student exploration in the use of technology, develops digital citizenship, collaboration, and critical thinking skills with their students.

EXCEEDING – Cultivates an adaptive and reflective teaching and learning environment where students use technology for iterative improvement, extends the teaching and learning norms and expectations to digital environments beyond the classroom.

EXEMPLARY – Ensures students constructively criticise their use of technology for academic and non-academic purposes, develops digital leadership skills amongst students.


The educator implements a variety of strategies to actively engage in teaching and learning.

EMERGING – Uses teacher directed instructional practices, relies on one or two learning technology teaching strategies, utilises one or two learning technology tools. 

EXPECTED – Uses teacher led instructional practices, relies on a range of learning technology teaching strategies, employes a selection of learning technology tools, adapts teaching from lesson to lesson.

EXCEEDING – Uses teacher guided instructional practices, develops a range of learning technology teaching strategies and digital tools, adapts methods within lessons. 

EXEMPLARY – Uses teacher facilitated instructional practices, employs a variety of strategies simultaneously as needed, not reliant on any specific or selected digital tools.


The educator uses feedback to extend teaching and learning, build understanding and improve reflection on the learning process.

EMERGING – Utilises learning technology to deliver actionable feedback to students.

EXPECTED – Delivers timely and evidence based feedback to students, enables student reflection using learning technology.

EXCEEDING – Refines feedback methods using learning technology to improve effectiveness and quality, engages students in dialogue as a means for iterative feedback.

EXEMPLARY – Promotes reflection on the process of teaching and learning with students, provides feedback that documents growth of understanding over time using learning technology.


The educator employs a range of methods and data to improve teaching and learning through assessment.

EMERGING – Uses digital tools for task specific assessment of students, tracks achievement data digitally.

EXPECTED – Uses digital tools for formative assessment to inform changes to instruction, analyses aggregated achievement data for summative assessment, uses digital tools to enable peer and self assessment amongst students.

EXCEEDING – Uses a range of digital tools and formative assessment strategies for immediate improvements to teaching, analyses multiple sources of data to inform long term planning.

EXEMPLARY – Uses formative assessment data to deliver adaptive instruction to multiple students simultaneously, develops a system for long term data analysis to improve instructional practices and curriculum development.